Flat Tire Repair

Flat Tire Repair

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Here at Genuine Tire and Auto when any customer has a Flat tire. We Dismount tire from rim, patch and plug hole, remount, balance, install on wheel hub, then torque. Whether it occurs during a tire’s first mile of use or after thousands of miles of driving, a single cut or puncture can make it necessary to replace a damaged tire that can’t be repaired. 

The first consideration of evaluating if a tire can be repaired is based on how quickly the driver recognizes they have a problem and how promptly they respond to it. Because tires require appropriate inflation pressure to carry the load of the vehicle, standard tires should never, ever be driven while low on air or flat (while run-flat tires offer extended mobility in the event of complete air loss, even though they may not be suitable to return to service after being driven on while flat). 

The external sign of a tire that has been driven on while flat or very low on pressure is circumferential scuffing on the tire’s inboard and outboard sidewalls, but external inspection is not enough. Any repairs without removing the damaged tire from the wheel is improper because inspecting the inside of the tire for hidden damage greatly reduces the risk of returning a weakened tire to service. Without dismounting the tire, any hidden damage would likely be missed.


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