Seasonal Tire Change

Seasonal Tire Change

Let Us Do the Heavy-Lifting

Is it that time of year again? Let our certified technicians do the heavy-lifting.  When the cold weather creeps in or the spring thaw is upon us, it’s time to get a fast and convenient tire change at Genuine Tire and Auto. We’ll have you feeling prepared for the season ahead. 

Before we at Genuine Tire and Auto consider a seasonal tire change, we assess the age of your current tires. A lot also has to with the brand you chose and how many kilometres you drive weekly, monthly and ultimately yearly. Normally the recommended useful life of a tire is 3 years and the recommended maximum age is 5 years.

The manufacture date is located on the sidewall of the tire, displayed as a four-digit number; the first two are for the week and the last two for the year. For example, “1117” means the tire was manufactured in week 11 of the year 2017. An easy way to measure the groove depth is to use a coin: place it in the main groove in the central part of the tread. If the silver edge of the coin is still visible from within the tread, the depth is less than 4 mm. Over time, the rubber compound in a tire’s tread becomes harder, especially when exposed to heat and sunlight.

It is important to “break in” new tire for around 500 kilometres (equivalent to almost a tank of gas), by avoiding quick acceleration, breaking and turning abruptly. With a new tire purchase, we dismount of old tire.  Mount new tire on rim, balance, install on wheel hub and torque. 

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